Pure Southern Ocean Water

"As a dentist, I highly recommend Ocean Fix as an excellent solution for my patients’ post-operative care and oral infection management. My patients are providing great feedback about the convenience and effectiveness of this product."

- Dr Stuart Cran / Hawthorn Dental Care



Experience the power of ocean water minerals with Ocean Fix.

The highly complex blend of salts with more than 30 soluble minerals makes ocean water the simplest, safest, and most effective oral salt water solution on the planet. Widely used in medicine and dental care for centuries, ocean water delivers a rich and sophisticated liquid offering antiseptic and soothing properties for a range of oral and dental conditions.

Ocean Fix – it’s not just sea water, it’s mineral perfection.


Benefit OCEAN FIX Home remedy
100% Natural Ingredients
100% Soluble Minerals
100% Chemical Free
UV Sterilised
.22 Micron Filtered
Ultra Long and Stable Shelf Life
Non-Staining of Teeth
Safe oral care treatment
Convenient and Time Saving




Following dental implant surgery, my oral surgeon told me to gargle salt water. After trying to mix my own solution using table salt, I discovered Ocean Fix Dental Rinse and I’m glad I did. It was so easy to use and my recovery was so quick. Great product.

- Jane

I can’t speak highly enough of Ocean Fix. My family has used it on many occasions on everything from sore throats to recovery from dental surgery. Heals faster than anything else we have tried. Nature got it right!

- Andrew

This product is amazing. I had a difficult tooth extraction, with a dental implant done at the same time. My Oral Surgeon told me I had the choice of rinsing daily with a chemical based antiseptic solution or to rinse daily with salt water. I tried mixing up my own salt water, then a good friend gave me a bottle of Ocean Fix. It was so convenient and easy to use. When I went back to my surgeon the next week she said my mouth was healing beautifully. I love this product and use it as a daily mouth wash. My mouth and gums have never felt healthier.


After a Cancer diagnosis and having chemotherapy and radiotherapy I was warned that mouth ulcers would be a side effect of my treatment. Being introduced to Ocean Fix as a daily mouthwash routine was amazing. Thanks to Ocean Fix, I did not develop mouth ulcers at any stage of my 6 month cancer treatment.

- Ingrid

I recently had 8 teeth removed and a long recovery ahead of me. After using OCEAN FIX, my Oral Surgeon was amazed at how quickly and cleanly my wounds were healing. It’s AMAZING stuff and I’m still using it daily. Well done on producing such a great product!



Q: How does Ocean Fix Work?
A: A naturally occurring antiseptic, Ocean Fix accelerates wound healing by reducing inflammation and bacteria in the mouth.

Q: Can I collect the water myself?
A: Ocean Fix is harvested from the current of the Southern Ocean before it is micro filtered to remove any impurities so that it is safe to use on wounds, ulcers or infections. You cannot be confident that water you collect yourself is going to be safe to use on wounds or infections.

Q: What is the difference between Ocean Fix and manufactured mouthwash products?
A: Ocean Fix is different from manufactured products. The blend of salts and over 30 minerals cannot be replicated by science. Ocean Fix is pure and free from chemicals or anything created in a laboratory. It is completely natural.

Q: Do homemade remedies work just as well?
A: No. They do not have the same chemical composition as Ocean Fix. Ocean Fix does not separate into sediment on the bottom of the glass like homemade remedies do.

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